Working On Me

So you know how you dream and know that you are supposed to be somebody great, change the world and see your name in the headlights because in your mind you are capable of doing these remarkable things, right? Right! I kept telling myself that I’m going to be that person to inspire those around me, show them that they are worth fighting for and that they deserve it all. But in all actuality I had no clue if I was worthy of those great things that I told people they deserve. We see and pick apart other people lives but yet be so content with our standards and don’t want to change but want to change those around us. If you are saying to yourself “I know right” then it is time for you to see that change you want others to be. I know, I know easier said than done, but how easy was it for you to notice the wrong and faults around you but can’t identify the faults in yourself. It’s okay, because in time we live to learn and grown from our mistakes and become more aware of who we are either destined to be or to become. Everything has a problem and everything has a solution to make “it” work.



Keep On Moving

“It doesn’t matter how many steps it takes to get to where your going, as long as you continue to keep making steps towards your destination”! 

I find myself re-stepping or sidestepping  over things that should have never been placed back onto my path. I had to realize that “doubt” is never to be stepped on, “doubt should be cleaned up! So I’m going to keep moving on in my step towards progress because time is ticking and every second counts!

New Begining For Me

I remember back in the day when my passion for everything was far beyond my own expectations. I knew just like many of you that I would be this amazing someone and I was destined for greatness, right? Then I realized that my trials were on overload, my tribulations were on hyper drive and there was no way for me to ever catch that one star that kept me above all those fallen stars.  Have i failed and fell? Yes, plenty of times, and I get back up with scrapes, and deeply bruised lashes of unworthiness.

What amazes me is how quick we are able to motivate others but sometimes lack that ability to motivate our selves. Will I ever grow and live my dream of becoming this great writer, I do believe so. My first step was creating this blog. You ever seen someone hit rock bottom and exhausted all possibilities? I’m exhausted but I believe in my endless possibilities. So I hope that you enjoy what I blog and begin to see that not only am I worth it all but so are you.